Working with the Building Inspector 

Success Training Program

Online And Live in Person Training 

Advance your Skills that works for any Industry

Live in Person Training are best experienced if you take the online LMS courses First

Helping Builders, Contractors and Those in the Construction and related Industries to create a Profitable World Class Business.

Upon successful completion of each course, a certificate of completion will be Issued

All courses are ICC International Code Council accredited for .5 CEU units each, (plus an additional .5 CEU for course 100)

Keep Up With the Time’s, Pay Full Price & Do the Work, this is where the Magic Happens!!!

Procure your stellar star-spangled banner year ahead 2021…

Theses courses are about you and offer many benefits! 

  • 5.5 ICC CEUs
  • Great on resume, regardless of industry.
  • Saves time, money, and rewards with more freedom.
  • It’s easy, anyone can benefit, and it works.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Attorney approved, copyrighted, and trademarked as one-of-a-kind success training program.
  • We also recognize 10% discount for military, 1st responders, and buddy systems of 2 or more.
  • Lastly, it is an investment in yourself, your future, and its tax deductible. In other words, you are paying yourself to learn – through your own tax deductions.

So, what are you waiting for? This is getting an accredited education for free!!!

You will increase your bottom line if you learn the systematic program as designed.

The Benefits of WWTBI More Time, Money & Freedom. 

What you will learn in the program:

  • How to Get in and Get Out and Move On is Where the Money is At (vs) Losing in Court
  • How time Value in Money is lost in negotiation meetings for settlements
  • How to Manage Cost Overrun’s
  • How to Recognize When it’s a Bad Deal
  • How to Recognize Scheduling Problems and What to Do
  • How to Correct for Budgeting problems w/ Time Management
  • How to reduce Cost of Claims in Litigation
  • How to protect from Loss in Production
  • How to cut your expenses and learning curve to success by 5-20 years 

Current Special Pricing

Course 100 + any 1 course from our program

1.5 CEUs


Course 100 + any 3 courses from our program

2.5 CEUs


Free with Enrollment to the Complete WWTBI Program

100 - Foundations of Crisis Prevention & Management

Learn how to navigate uncertainty, challenges, economic downturns and emergency situations in business and life.

101 - Maximizing Team Operations 

Managing the Values of Your Team 

102 - Building a high Performance Team

Training and Hiring the Right Staff

103 - Automating the Training Process

To Develop A World Class Business

104 - Determining Strengths & Weaknesses

Doubling Your Productivity and Cutting Workload in Half

105 - Creating a Profitable Bid

How to Win Bids Every Time and Maximize Profits

106 - Writing & Creating Contracts

That Profit and Win: The Delivery Process

107 - Master Project Planning

Doubling Your Productivity and Cutting Workload in Half

108 - Executing the Building Process

Preventing Problems and Creating More Profits

109 - The Accountability Key

How to Lead Others to do What You Want

Complete WWTBI Training

All 10 courses from the WWTBI Program.

Foundational Quickstart Program

Get a complete overview of the 10 courses in our Quickstart Foundational Guide

Private And Commercial Consulting

One-on-one and business commercial consulting with Reggie. 

*For large Corporations (+5 attendees) training to be held during the weekday.

*For Smaller Business (3 or less attendees) to be held on weekends.

*All 20 courses (live and online) are ICC_International Code Council accredited for .5 CE units each. 

*Course 100 is 1 CE unit.