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About Reggie

Reggie Lacina left home before he was 15 years old and had no formal education after middle school, yet he accrued 35 years in the building industry, working his way up and eventually becoming one of the 800 Division of the State Architect Class-1 Building Inspectors. Accumulating a multiplicity of licenses and certifications... Read More.

  • Commercial Construction Inspection & Consulting Services
  • Property Assessment Inspections Per ASTM Standards E 2018-08
  • Division of the State Architect (DSA) Inspection
  • CA Title 24 and American Disabilities (ADA) Access Compliance Inspections
  • International Code Council_ICC Approved Training Courses
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What People Say About Reggie

He empowers the audience members to challenges themselves to do better, to want to do better. He is an amazing facilitator, and I would highly recommend if you want to breakthrough with any resistance that you have in your life: personal, business, whatever it may be, that you work with Reggie because he is awesome…

Claudia Harvey

The most memorable moment at this event was a process that you helped us walk through… You helped just by watching the process you went through. It gave me permission to help transcend through some of the forgiveness that I needed to work past… to get out of my own way to really live the life I want.

Jessica Robinson

Reggie is one of those amazing souls that coaches, leads, transforms and speaks from his heart. Blown away by his life’s experiences and how he has taken them and put them in a set of tools that help you, that help people transform their lives. You know you got to find someone that is real…Reggie lived it and now he is giving it back.

Joe White