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Crisis Management

Learn how to navigate uncertainty, challenges, economic downturns and emergency situations in business and life. This Course is included free in the complete WWTBI program. 

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Reach your peak potential, overcome any challenge or life obstacle. Take your life to the next level with breakthrough training.

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"Dedicated To Making A Difference In Your Growth, Development And Transformation, As I Have Done For Myself..."  - Reggie Lacina

About Reggie

Reggie Lacina left home before he was 15 years old and had no formal education after middle school, yet he accrued 35 years in the building industry, working his way up and eventually becoming one of the 800 Division of the State Architect Class-1 Building Inspectors. Accumulating a multiplicity of licenses and certifications... Read More.

  • Commercial Construction Inspection & Consulting Services
  • Property Assessment Inspections Per ASTM Standards E 2018-08
  • Division of the State Architect (DSA) Inspection
  • CA Title 24 and American Disabilities (ADA) Access Compliance Inspections
  • International Code Council_ICC Approved Training Courses
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Books By REggie 

Commercial Construction Inspection

and Consulting Services

  • Division of the State Architect (DSA) Inspection Services for public schools, colleges & state buildings
  • International Code Council Building Inspection Services for privately-owned & Commercial Properties
  • Commercial & Property Condition Assessments Inspections per ASTM E2018-08
  • Construction Defects and Litigation Inspection & Consulting Services
  • Master Planning, Operations Facilitation, Technical Observations, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inspection Services
  • Structural, Fire, Life, Safety, ADA (Disabilities) / Access Compliance Inspection Services
  • What People Say About Reggie

    He empowers the audience members to challenges themselves to do better, to want to do better. He is an amazing facilitator, and I would highly recommend if you want to breakthrough with any resistance that you have in your life: personal, business, whatever it may be, that you work with Reggie because he is awesome…

    Claudia Harvey

    The most memorable moment at this event was a process that you helped us walk through… You helped just by watching the process you went through. It gave me permission to help transcend through some of the forgiveness that I needed to work past… to get out of my own way to really live the life I want.

    Jessica Robinson

    Reggie is one of those amazing souls that coaches, leads, transforms and speaks from his heart. Blown away by his life’s experiences and how he has taken them and put them in a set of tools that help you, that help people transform their lives. You know you got to find someone that is real…Reggie lived it and now he is giving it back.

    Joe White

    Learn How to Live a Professional Lifestyle Free from the Drawbacks of Bankruptcies, Foreclosures and Relationship Failures

    I am very glad I found you

    I am very glad I found you otherwise like Donna we wouldn’t know what the f##k we are doing… Thank you for your advice, it saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars!!!

    Shaoul L. Developer - Santa Monica, CA

    Hands down you are the best

    Reggie you are loved and my architect brother in law Derrek B. say’s hands down you are the best by far he’s worked with PERIOD!

    Joel Bauer Marketing Consultant & Speaker Trainer - Woodland Hills, CA

    It would have saved me thousands of dollars

    Reggie, Thank you for your Advice… If had taken even one of your courses before I redeveloped my Condominium, it would have saved me thousands of dollars in both time and money. I am glad I know you!!!

    Emily U. Dentist - Culver City, CA

    No doubt, his program is one of a kind

    I have known Reggie since 1993 and have not seen him in 25 years. Today he’s still the Best Framer I have every met and I have seen my share over the years come and go and no doubt, his program is one of a kind!!! And I am very glad to see Reggie is still Skiing the Steep’s and Deeps of Jackson Hole…

    Mark M. High-End Custom Home Developer - Jackson, WY

    You saved me thousands of dollars and tons of time

    Reggie is the Real Deal! We hired him to help us to oversee our project and he saved us thousands with his ideas and experience in the very first meeting… and continued to deliver value to the very end. Reggie is smart, patient and thoughtful and a valuable part of my team… You saved me thousands of dollars and tons of Time!!!

    Kirk J. Mortgage Broker/Banker - Woodland Hills, CA

    Your new Success Training Program is One of A Kind

    Reggie, I am so proud of what you have done… Your website is awesome and you are nothing short of being a Miracle in all the people you’ve help!!! Thank you for your contributions being in network of multiple, books, magazine articles, radio & television broadcast’s! Good luck, you are on your way and I know you’ll accomplish anything you set your mind too… Your new Success Training Program is One of A Kind, hands Down!!!

    Raven D. Author & Trainer - Woodland Hills, CA

    Your insight’s & wisdom are truly amazing

    Thank you for your patients, persistence and your ability to stretch my mind in my breakthrough experience!!! Your insight’s & wisdom are truly amazing and help me shift to a greater awareness of myself & my perceptions… I wish you great success in you work and programs. My Deepest Gratitude & Respect!!!

    Vicki K. Chiropractor - San Francisco, CA

    I would trust this man with my life

    I would trust this man with my life in the fox hole under full combat enemy fire knowing he got my back covered!!!

    Joe B. Officer US Army Veteran - Los Angeles, CA

    Your work are showing a fruitful outcome

    Congratulations & Amazing on transcending the hurdles you’ve overcome and the years of your work are showing a fruitful outcome!!! Love & Gratitude, John

    Dr. John D. World’s Leading Expert in Human behavior and Leadership - Houston, Texas

    You are expanding by Leaps and bounds

    Well Done Reggie!!! You are expanding by Leaps and bounds.

    Alana D. Master Facilitator - Houston, TX

    Business Health and other Blind Spot Penalties holding you back by learning the Mindset Techniques that will Reward in Having More Time, Money and Freedom after Registering and Completing the WWTBI Accredited Success Training Programs while getting your FREE Bonus Continued CEU's...