Foundational Quickstart Program


The Foundational Quickstart Program is designed for individuals, small and large businesses to get an overview of the entire 10 course WWTBI training series CEU accredited by the International Code Council (ICC).

Note: The Quickstart Program does not offer CEU’s. It is just an introductory course that contains some of the intellectual property from the entire series.


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1
Working With The Building Inspector 4
Chapter 2
9 Principles of a World Class Business 15
Principle 1 – Own What You’re Doing 15
Principle 2 – Focus on Quality and Reliability 15
Principle 3 – Function By Design vs Function By Default 16
Principle 4 – Building A Business to Thrive vs Survive 17
Principle 5 – Staying in Alignment 17
Principle 6 – Create Breakthrough Experiences (Ahh Haa! Moment) 18
Principle 7 – Seek the Best Knowledge and Expertise 18
Principle 8 – Appreciation – 19
Principle 9 – Adapting and Surviving Change 19
Chapter 3
Building A World Class Business 20
Structuring the Management and Operations 20
Hiring The Right Staff 20
Training and Developing a World Class Business 21
Chapter 4
Owning the Proposal Process 22
Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses 22
Creating a Profitable Bid 22
Contract Delivery Process 23
Chapter 5
Expert Execution for Excellence 25
Master the Project Planning Process 25
Executing the Building Process 25
Keeping Things in Checks and Balances 25
Chapter 6
Final Words and Advice 27
Chapter 7
What’s Next?

Design an Environment of Growth and Breakthrough

Learn to Overcome Any Problem in Your Business

Implement World Class Solutions to Grow Your Business


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