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Reggie’s broad-ranged background (nearly 4 decades) in the construction, real estate and development industries is now combined with the human behavior, leadership empowerment, self-development, and natural healing industries. Being a Master Builder, Life Trainer, Businessman, Speaker and Author, he owns and operates an independent building inspection and consulting business. In this capacity he oversees the life and safety requirements for state and public structures, protecting the lives of many today, tomorrow and beyond our time. Additionally he facilitates the global Demartini Institute for Human Awareness and Achievement in the study of all areas of life.

At 5 years old, Reggie witnessed his father commit suicide in front of him and his mother with a fatal hand gun shot killing himself instantly. By age 15, Reggie chose to leave behind a life of poverty, welfare, mental and physical abuse. With few social skills, resources and without high school or college education, Reggie raised himself. Now 35 years later, Reggie is starting his life over for the 5th time: He has overcome three economic recessions, three marriages, two bankruptcies, DUI, foreclosure, and a medical diagnosis giving him no more than two-three years to live.

The Story behind his life:

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Starting as a construction laborer at 15 years of age, Reggie is now one of 800 registered, Division of the State Architect Class-1 Building Inspectors to have passed the exam since 1997. A veteran of the USMC, Reggie is also licensed with the International Code Council, the California Contractors Board and the California Emergency Management Administration. His resourcefulness, determination, and unquenchable spirit has also allowed him to become one of 3,000 globally trained facilitators by Dr. John Demartini of the Demartini Institute in Houston Texas. Dr. Demartini is considered to be the foremost leading expert on the planet in Human Potential and Leadership. Reggie’s areas of specialty are behavior, relationships and leadership.




Before and after the extensive coaching with Dr. John Demartini, Reggie has also trained with Dr. Robert Bartlet, Dr. Cam Yuen, Dr. Hector Garcia in the world of Matrix Energetics, Reiki Master ~ Kerstin Afrasiabi and Dr. Matt James ~ NLP practitioner. Recently, Reggie has also trained under Raven Blair Glover of Amazing Women & Men of Power, Joel Bauer ~ Int’l Business Speaking and Communications Trainer and Bill Walsh ~ Int’l Business & Wealth Entrepreneurs Trainer…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday, being a Facilitator for the Demartini Institute, Reggie serves in Leadership and Transformative Development, working with people globally bringing these practices and techniques to the Architect/Engineering/Contracting Industry.

Reggie helps his clients get to core issues as they overcome blockages and challenges on the way to empowering themselves. His techniques help clients transform the pain from stress into gratitude as they enhance and deepen their leadership and organizational skills. His clients reach maximum potential and self-awareness, bringing order into the chaos in all areas of their business and lives no matter what–guaranteed!!!

Reggie has the unique ability to understand and work with people one-on-one and in groups of few to many. He loves working with established companies/corporations, entrepreneurs, new business owners and contractors while assisting leaders, managers and employees to maximize productivity, profitability and communication through inspiration.

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The Working With The Building Inspector technique is how we overcome challenges as we peel through the many layers and false perceptions of past events, re-building and reinforcing clarity about the future you want and deserve. This is the key Reggie places in the hands of all of his clients, allowing them to strategically pursue their dreams and goals. Using the tools of stress management, empowering through leadership and self-transformation, master builders conquer relationship challenges such as divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, DUIs, and abandonment that are dealt with in the business field.

Life remains a project, and Reggie’s hobbies include snow skiing, hiking, gardening, ball room dancing, personal development, travel, healthy living and being aware of the balance and gifts life gives you even when the gifts seem to be against you.