Online & Live Programs

Helping Builders, Contractors and Those in the Construction and related Industries to create a Profitable World Class Business.

Helping builders, contractors, inspectors and those in the construction and related Industries to create a Profitable World Class Business.

All courses can be taken in any order at any time... Check schedule for live event dates. Online courses are available on-demand. 

All 18 courses (9-online and 9-live) are ICC_International Code Council accredited for .5 CE units each.

Upon successful completion of each course, a certificate of completion will be issued

101 - Maximizing Team Operations 

Managing the Values of Your Team 

102 - Building a high Performance Team

​Training and Hiring the Right Staff

103 - Automating the Training Process

​To Develop A World Class Business

104 - Determining Strengths & Weaknesses

Doubling Your Productivity and Cutting Workload in Half

105 - Creating a Profitable Bid

​How to Win Bids Every Time and Maximize Profits

106 - Writing & Creating Contracts

​That Profit and Win: The Delivery Process

107 - Master Project Planning

Doubling Your Productivity and Cutting Workload in Half

108 - Executing the Building Process

Preventing Problems and Creating More Profits

109 - The Accountability Key

​How to Lead Others to do What ​You Want

Complete WWTBI Training

All 9 courses from the WWTBI Program.

Foundational Quickstart Program

Get a complete overview of the 9 courses in our Quickstart Foundational Guide

Private And Commercial Consulting

One-on-one and business commercial consulting with Reggie. 

*For large Corporations (+5 attendees) training to be held during the weekday.

*For Smaller Business (3 or less attendees) to be held on weekends.

*All 18 courses (live and online) are ICC_International Code Council accredited for .5 CE units each. 

Preview of the Foundational Live Event

Presented by Reggie Lacina

​About Reggie Lacina

With over 3 decades of combined experiences and an array of licensing, Reggie’s broad-ranged background in the construction, real estate and development industries, has created and is the founder of the “Working with the Building Inspector” Success Training Program combined with Leadership, Empowerment, Professional & Self-development stretching the mind in ways to alter the outcome from being in a Low Bidder environment and becoming a “World Class Business Mindset” leading to greater opportunities, a more fulfilled business along with other life rewards.

 Being a Master Builder, Life Architect, Trainer, Businessman, Speaker and Author, Reggie owns and operates an independent building inspection and consulting business and most recently has become the senior district building inspector for the Los Angeles Community College District, the single largest community college district in the United States. In this capacity Reggie oversees the life and safety requirements for state and public structures, protecting the lives of many today, tomorrow and beyond his time. Additionally, he facilitates the global Demartini Institute for ​Leadership Awareness and Achievement in the study of life and business values.

 Taking any one single or all nine of the ​Working with the Building Inspector courses (or online membership trainings) is a sure way to launch oneself into a greater capacity of having more time, more money and more freedom to work with when applying the basic principles that even a child can learn. Register for your seat now and take the challenge that can be applied for the rest of your life.

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