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“Working With The Building Inspector”, A Nine Course Success Training Program created from the friendly viewpoint of a Building Inspector with real life’s experiences as a professional building contractor.

Each course teach’s adaptability to change by design not default establishing new sets of values & mindsets through repetition and frequency of three steps that removes old thinking patterns of the “Low Bidder Mindset” and re-teaches the skill’s in becoming a “World Class Business Mindset”, promoting profits that synchronistically increases efficiency and effectiveness in reducing risk, cutting cost and meeting deadlines.

WWTBI was designed for use by owners, developers, public agencies, executives, managers, architects, engineers, inspectors, future generations and all entrepreneurs.

Note: When registering for course (110 – which includes all 10 programs), the client agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions that they will complete the corresponding online course prior to the scheduled live event to qualify to attend. 

Businesses or groups with 5+ Registrations contact us for discounted group rates

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Payment Plan Options

Live Course Dates: please check the live event schedule page for dates of live courses.

(Until demand for live courses changes, we will continue to run the 1-day event per course per month, subject to live course event registration calendar).

-When purchasing the entire program (both online and live), application is not limited to taking the following live course at any given time.

Because of the design and engineering of the training program, this option allows you to have access to the on-demand training program for up-to 12 months.

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Refund Policy: Due to intellectual property, copywrite, trademarks and continued education accreditation, refunds are not accepted.

Note: online program(s) do not include the live-in-person classes.