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​Demartini MEthod for groups

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Beat TheB uilding Inspector

​Reggie Lacina_WFB Inspection & Consulting CO. Presenting the: 

Helping Contractors, Developers and Business Owners to complete projects in less time, with more money and more freedom to live the life you love.


​Discover ​Breakthrough success Principles

  • ​Transform and empower the 7 areas of life
  • ​Secrets to eliminating stress and setting boundaries
  • ​Own your habits and fulfill your business dreams. 
  • ​Keys to building your legacy, creating a healthier company
  • ​Unleash the authentic you
  • ​Link and connect your business values to your business plan and companies legacy 

​Master Builder, Life Architect, Speaker, Author, Business Owner and Trainer. 

save money and increase your bottomline profits

​After 35 years in the building industry, leaving home before 15 years old, becoming one of 800 California Division of State Architect Class-1 Building Inspector serving many. Using the unique aquired skills, Reggie Lacina is also one of 3000 global facilitators trained by the Demartini Institute specializing in Human Behavior and Empowerment as a Value Determination and Breakthrough Consultant. He focuses attention on transformation in his client's business and related areas of life. Liberating from the judgement of chaos and dis-order to certainty, clarity and order. Reggie brings his work to the industry that has given him so much to be thankful for, while teaching, training and empowering others and their business's...

​A featured guest speaker on the "Don't Wait To Be Great Global Radio Summit" empowering women and man with his experiences in all walks of life, sharing the stage with Master Trainers Dr. John Demartini, Raven B. Davis, Joel Bauer, Bill Walsh, and 49 keynote and guest speakers including Lisa Sasevich. Authors in three books: Careers from the Kitchen Table, The Inspiration Bible and Designing Business Relationships for Life. 

​Sharing his personal experience of his father's suicide when only 5 years old causing a life of struggle through poverty and welfare before breaking through himself and blazing a path of success inspiring all that he and his team works with...

As a Division of the State Architect’s (DSA) Class-1 Building Inspector, I’d like to teach your staff a few of my inside secrets to help your company save money and increase your bottomline profits. I do this by helping companies overcome the “Low I do this by helping companies overcome the “Low Bidder Trap” by developing a World Class Business Mindset. As a building inspector, I will show you how to beat the system designed to withhold your money.

​Why I Do What I Do