Foundational Quickstart Program


The Foundational Quickstart Program is designed for individuals, small and large businesses to get an overview of the entire 9 course WWTBI training series CEU accredited by the International Code Council (ICC).

Note: The Quickstart Program does not offer CEU’s. It is just an introductory course that contains some of the intellectual property from the entire series.


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1
Working With The Building Inspector 4
Chapter 2
9 Principles of a World Class Business 15
Principle 1 – Own What You’re Doing 15
Principle 2 – Focus on Quality and Reliability 15
Principle 3 – Function By Design vs Function By Default 16
Principle 4 – Building A Business to Thrive vs Survive 17
Principle 5 – Staying in Alignment 17
Principle 6 – Create Breakthrough Experiences (Ahh Haa! Moment) 18
Principle 7 – Seek the Best Knowledge and Expertise 18
Principle 8 – Appreciation – 19
Principle 9 – Adapting and Surviving Change 19
Chapter 3
Building A World Class Business 20
Structuring the Management and Operations 20
Hiring The Right Staff 20
Training and Developing a World Class Business 21
Chapter 4
Owning the Proposal Process 22
Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses 22
Creating a Profitable Bid 22
Contract Delivery Process 23
Chapter 5
Expert Execution for Excellence 25
Master the Project Planning Process 25
Executing the Building Process 25
Keeping Things in Checks and Balances 25
Chapter 6
Final Words and Advice 27
Chapter 7
What’s Next?

Design an Environment of Growth and Breakthrough

Learn to Overcome Any Problem in Your Business

Implement World Class Solutions to Grow Your Business


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